Hirshberg Brothers Group

The Hirshberg Brothers Group established in 1925 as the region's largest chemical materials distributor, the company has positioned itself among the top raw & process materials companies in Israel. The Group holds today five operating companies:
  • Hirshberg Chemicals - Leader in the field of raw material
  • Hirshberg Machinery - Dealing with industrial equipment
  • Levant Technologies - Medical and Scientific Instrumentation distributor
  • F.P. Israel - Flow handling equipment
  • B.T.S - Semiconductor & Life Science - Process Material & Critical Flow Controls
The Hirshberg Group has 140 employees many of them with strong technical background, specialized in the field they work in. It is the quality of personnel which enables us to better serve our clients and to lead in technical competence, solution quality and logistics. The company has 26,000 Sq. Ft. (2,400 Sq. m.) office building conveniently located in central Israel, in the city of Herzliya. Our storage facilities are 22,000 Sq. Ft. State-of-the-art warehouses with the monitoring and safety precautions required for the materials at hand.

Family owned since 1925, we believe in conservative financial approach. The Hirshberg Group is strongly capitalized, working largely with own financial means. We are proud to be working with one bank and the same bank - Bank Leumi - since 1928.

We have outstanding work force employment stability with very low employee turnover rate and excellent in-company growth.

Hirshberg Brothers Group New Building